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Security Guarantee

security guarantee

It is important to ensure safety of clients’ data at the highest level

One of the priorities of FreshOptions company is to secure your personal information. The company ensures it by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer — Secure Sockets Layer) — one of the most reliable methods of protection. This protocol does not allow third parties to access the transmitted data and by encrypts Internet connections according to the AES algorithm. AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, also known as Randall is the symmetric block encryption algorithm adopted by USA in 2000 as the encryption standard and it is almost impossible to break it.

Besides, any change in passwords, personal data either withdrawal of funds is protected by the confirmation code. The code will be sent to your registered e-mail address and phone number. This is to prevent a transfer of your funds by attackers, even if they learn passwords from personal area and account.

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