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Verification of Information

Verification is the identification of a client as the account holder made with the help of documents. Verification is required to protect your funds, so that no one, except you, could not withdraw funds from your trading account.

Below you will find a step-by-step verification process.

1. Enter your profile in the platform.

(If you do not have an account on our platform, click on the registration link and sign up)


2. Fill out the form with your personal data.

• Specify the country and city of your residence;
• Enter your relevant home address;
• Enter the full name and your date of birth (as it is provided in the identity proof);
• Enter series number and number of identity proof and e-mail address;
• Enter and confirm your phone number.


3. Click on “Save” button.

If you can not save your data, check whether all fields are filled.

4. Download a copy of the documents confirming your identity and address.

Loading documents is able only if you save your data.