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the best

Trading Conditions


The minimum
deposit — $10


Income — up to 186%;


Return up to 15% of your rate
for unsuccessful trades


You can use a demo account
without registration


A wide range
of payment systems.
Withdrawal within 24 hours


Trading assets —
a wide range of currency
pairs, indexes, commodities

To start trading, you need to decide which asset you want to trade with.

Below you will find a list of available assets.

Assets Long Form
EUR/USD Euro/ US Dollar
GBP/USD British Pound/ US Dollar
USD/JPY US Dollar/ Japanese Yen
AUD/USD Australian Dollar/ US Dollar
NZD/ USD New Zealand Dollar/ US Dollar
EUR/JPY Euro/ Japanese Yen
USD/CAD US Dollar/ Canadian Dollar
GBP/JPY British Pound/ Japanese Yen
USD/CHF US Dollar/ Swiss Franc
AUD/JPY Australian Dollar/ Japanese Yen
EUR/GBP Euro/ British Pound
GBP/AUD British Pound/ Australian Dollar
EUR/AUD Euro/ Australian Dollar
BRENT Benchmark crude oil Brent
DAX Principal stock index of German
NASDAQ The largest US exchange
WTI Crude oil WTI
DOW JONES US manufacturing index
S&P The index of US rating agency