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Types of Binary Options

types of binary options. high/low

High/Low is one of the simplest types of binary options. It can be called a classic option, because the greatest number of trades falls on it. The main point of High/Low option is that you need to choose direction of the price. That is to say, if you see a growing market, you choose “High”, and if at the end of the trade (on its expiry), the price will rise for at least at one point, you’ll get the profit. As for the “Low” option, you buy it if you think that the price drops within a specified period of time. If it turns to drop, you’ll get profit.


This type of binary option implies setting the price range. You need to determe whether on its expiry the price of currency or commodity remains within the same range. You are in plus if by the moment of expiry the price has stayed inside the range.

types of binary options. range
types of binary options. one touch
One Touch

It’s a pretty simple and attractive option. You set the price level, which you think the price will touch. If within the specified time the price indeed rises to this level, then you are in plus. An attractive point about this deal is that you get paid no matter where the price is at the time of expiration. When it touched the barrier, its future movement does not matter, you will get profit anyway.