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The principle of regular binary options is made so that a failed assumption regarding the price direction of an asset makes a trader loses 100% of the invested funds.

Fortunately, you can turn to FreshOptions, which provides traders with the opportunity to return the money, if the forecast is wrong. Binary options with the refund allow traders returning the percentage they set for a wrong prediction within a certain frame.

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With other brokers, you have to satisfy a number of requirements to be able to get a refund for a loss-making trade.

For example, refund is only given to VISA or to a certain type of account you have with a broker. Besides, there are also conditions providing refund only once per month

But FreshOptions broker does not stipulate special rules for traders here.

With FreshOptions, every trader can recover part of his\her investment for any failed trades. All you need is to choose a percentage of a bet, which you want to return if a trade closes in the unprofitable area.

Thanks to this function, a trader insures his\her deal.

When a broker is ready to make a refund, it proves its high reliability and focus on a trader.

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