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— the currency pair or contract on difference (CFD), which change in the price determines the amount of payments on binary options.

— total financial result of all non-trading operations of account including made rates and payments received on closed trades.

— the amount that is paid by the Client to the Company on opening of a trade.

— a derivative financial instrument that can be traded in the Service and provides payment of fixed income providing that certain conditions on change of price of an asset by the time of closing have been satisfied.

— the stream of prices, represented in a graphical form.

— a capable individual, who attained 18 years of age, a citizen and (or) a resident of any country, who has entered into the agreement with Company to receive services provided through the Service.

— a legal entity providing services under the Client Agreement and its addendum.

— the moment of time when conditions that determine the payment for a trade are checked.у.

— the amount on the Client’s account, including the Balance, Bonus and Credit.

— a Client’s personal profile in the Service, which displays personal details of the Client and the information on his\her accounts, and where he\she disposes non-trading transactions and contacts the Company.

— the smallest price unit; the smallest possible increment of price change.

— the sum above the bet rate that is credited to the Client’s account if a trade closed in the profit area.

— the amount that is credited to the Client’s account if a trade closed in the unprofitable area.