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What are Binary Options?

If you want to earn in the financial markets, but have no experience and free time to figure it out, then the binary options market is exactly what you are looking for. Binary options give an opportunity to earn at one click. Let’s take a closer look at what binary options are.

There are different views on this type of trading. Some say that trading with binary options is easy, others, on the contrary, find it difficult. We underline that it is not only simple, but also profitable.

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In trading with binary options, your profit depends on direction of price of an asset rather than the difference between prices.

Therefore, it requires you to care about less number of details regarding an asset, which means that such trading can be performed by less experienced traders.

The core principle of trading with binary options: you bet and decide where the price of an asset moves: up or down.

If the forecast is correct, you get profit in the form of percentage from your bet regardless of how many points the price passes.

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Also, in trading with binary options, you have the possibility to choose the bet rate and trade with the assets, which you could not afford in the foreign exchange market.

In addition, binary options allow you to determine the risk rate: when you buy an option at the already specified price, you exactly learn how much you get for acorrect prediction (an average up to 70% of rate) and how much you lose in a failed trade.

With FreshOptions, you can not only determine risks, but run your own risk management.

Our company provides you with the opportunity to decide how much you will receive for a successful trade and refund for a failed prediction. FreshOptions offers the highest payout on the market of binary options: up to 186%, and one of the highest refunds for the trades closed not in your favor: up to 15%!

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